Blue Birchen (BBS)

Marans (the name is always spelled with the ‘s’ whether talking about a single bird or many birds) are a dual-purpose chicken from France. Marans is a port town in France, and the breed originated from a mix of chickens that were left in the town by seafarers in the 1800's. The birds were originally bred as fighting birds, but a combination produced a bird that became popular for the barnyard. By the early 1920's the breed had been established. From France the breed was taken to England and then to America in the late 1900's. In 2011, black copper Marans were accepted into the breed standard by the American Poultry Association. 

Although Marans are a good meat bird, their most sought after attribute is the shell color of their eggs. Marans lay an egg that is the color of chocolate, often with almost black spots. 

This line of blue birchen Marans are known to produce some of the darkest chocolate-colored eggs in the area.  Blue birchen Marans are extremely rare in the United States.  They have friendly personalities, lay beautiful eggs, and are simply one of the prettiest chickens we've seen.  A very stunning color variety! 

Our BBS birchen Marans

We are currently crossing a black birchen rooster on our splash hen Rose and getting 100% blue chicks.  

We are adding 4 blue birchen pullets into the program in late spring of 2018 for a cross back on our nice black birchen rooster. Our splash hen Rose will then be paired with a blue birchen rooster for blue and splash chicks.

$20.00 per chick
$ 5.00 per hatching egg
$50.00 per dozen

Limited availability.  

Marans Gallery

A Visual Of Our Marans At All Ages

Hatching Eggs
Marans chick
Hatched egg
Hatching Eggs
Marans teens
Marans teens
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Hatching Eggs
Marans Chick
Marans Hen
Marans teens


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