Lavender Marans

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Lavender Marans Chickens are beautiful and rare. Lavender, also known as “self-blue” are not like your typical BBS or blue chickens. Lavender Marans will breed true and all of the offspring will be the lavender. Every 3rd generation its good to breed back to black then back to lavender to maintain feather integrity.

We are in our second year with these project birds.  Our original birds were a cross of our Lavender Orpington cockerel on two copper Marans hens.  We ended up with two gorgeous black split to lavender hens.  We then crossed these girls on a lavender Marans project cockerel we obtained from Papa's Poultry.  We now have 3 nice lavender Marans pullets and a project lavender  cockerel from that cross.  Fall of 2019 we ordered in some egg champion French copper Marans to cross into darken the eggs of our project birds. 

We hope to offer hatching eggs and chicks in 2021.

Sweet hens

Our original lavender Orpington cockeral

Our project cockerel from Papa's Poultry

Please keep in mind A Fowl Coop is not a hatchery.  We do not ship eggs or chicks.   

We do sell hatching eggs locallyA Fowl Coop requires a deposit for any chicks reserved when we set the eggs in our incubators.  All chicks are sold as straight run.

A Fowl Coop is a firm believer in Quality Over Quantity,  therefore we do not randomly hatch chicks that aren't already purchased with a deposit.  


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