Silverudd Blue

Also known as Isbars (ice-bars)The only green-egg-laying single combed chicken breed in the world

Martin Silverudd, a Swedish priest plumbed the depths of genetics and created a number of chicken breeds in the 1950s and 1960s. Silverudd created a few auto-sexing breeds that laid a high volume of unusually colored eggs. Auto-sexing means you can tell hen from roo by chick down color.

Silverudd was successful in his quest and along the way created breeding protocols that would later be studied and adopted by sophisticated university geneticists and animal scientists. But, perhaps his greatest achievement was the creation of the Isbar (pronounced ice bar), a breed as practical as it is beautiful and one that has the unique distinction of being the only green-egg-laying single combed chicken breed in the world. The BBS color variety of the Isbar, however, is not truly an auto-sexing breed due to the blue color genetics.


Our 1st Import Silverudd Blue

$20 per chick, Straight run
$45 per dozen for hatching eggs

We started our flock with a group of shipped eggs from Barb Bartel of Bartel Farms.  Most of the eggs were smashed by the post office during shipping but we did hatch one adorable splash hen on November 5, 2016.  This hen grew up thinking she was a Malti-poo house dog and is very attached to people and the indoors! 
We currently have two separate lines of 1st import in our breeding pens. When you order eggs or chicks from us we will give you some of both for diversity.
What we are breeding for in our Silverudds Blue is; single comb, dark eyes, no red feathering, correct leg color, light bodied, heavy layer with true green eggs. 
We've found Isbars to be quite personable and calm.  They come up readily for attention. We will start selectively breeding sometime this summer.  

Please keep in mind A Fowl Coop is not a hatchery.  We do not ship chicks.  At this time we do not have enough birds to be NPIP certified.  When we have enough birds we will take the steps to be NPIP.  We do sell hatching eggs and chicks locally. A Fowl Coop requires a deposit for any chicks reserved when we set the eggs in our incubators.  All chicks are sold as straight run and we do not select colors, with BBS you will have a random selection of colors.

A Fowl Coop is a firm believer in Quality Over Quantity  therefore we do not randomly hatch chicks that aren't already purchased with a deposit.  


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