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Pippers Peeping in the Ofiice

The last few days Jodi and I've been monitoring a barnyard mix hatch as our first hatch of 2017. So we've had 10 out of the 11 eggs hatch with a variety of cute fluffiness and only one screamer 😁

This was our test run to judge how well the incubator operates in the office. Our conclusion is the temp is not stable enough due to the South and West facing windows. We'll try the Studio/Store next with its South and East facing windows.

If you were wondering, yes, that's a towel under them. We have newspaper down over shavings in our brooder and since newspaper can be really slick causing leg problems, we put something down they can get traction on.

Next due to set in the incubator, 1st import Silverudd Blues from Josh Cyboron. 

Happy hatching!


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